Tuesday, September 22, 2009

one down, three million to go

So, when Olivia was released from the hospital, it was on the condition that we'd take her to several doctors to check up on stuff that was worrying the neonatologists at Primary. They referred us to Kids on the Move, an early intervention, Headstartish place that found us an occupational therapist that we really like. He helps with motor skills and feedings (although so far, the feedings have remained problematic.) and basically reassures us every other week that Olivia's meeting milestones. We have met with her pediatrician several times, of course. We really like Dr. Conner, from Utah Valley Pediatrics in American Fork. She kind of specializes in g-tube kids and neurologically challenged kids, which is why we chose her. She can always find an appointment for us when we need one, which seems to happen to us a lot as new parents! We have an appointment in January at the dysphagia clinic at Primary, to see why Olivia doesn't eat. Funny, I thought that should be one of the first appointments we had, but they're booked out until January. The last one we had to schedule was an opthalmology appointment, to see what was up with Olivia's eyes. She had a lazy eye for quite some time, and we were of course concerned about neurological damage from the lack of oxygen when Olivia was born, so we've kind of been on pins and needles until this appointment to find out if her symptoms were just normal baby stuff, or signs of something more serious.
We had the appointment last week, and I am happy to report that Olivia passed with flying colors! She's exactly as far-sighted as she's supposed to be at her age, she tracks objects enthusiastically (the doctor had some really fun light-up toys for her to track), and she seems to be doing normal baby stuff. We thought so, but we were relieved to hear it from a professional, of course.
Olivia can't seem to fall asleep unless she's swaddled and has her sucker, but I forgot her blanket in the car at the hospital, so I wrapped her up in my sweater. She was way too distracted to eat right in the waiting room, so we ended up having to tube her. I hope we didn't scar any young children's minds or anything. Anyway, she finally was full and wrapped up and happy so she fell asleep, and woke up just in time for her appointment. Look how happy she is to be awake and playing opthalmology!

Also, for a long time, my mom had a file that she kept of pictures of her sleeping kids. She had some pretty funny ones in there, and they always seemed to be her favorite. I've noticed that I'm kind of a sleeping baby picture junkie, and I thought my mom would appreciate some of these. Sorry if they're boring to the rest of the reading audience

Also, no idea why that text is a link. I didn't do anything but cut and paste it, so whatever. Stupid blogger.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Dear Santa Claus

I hope you notice that I am writing you nice and early, before all the other little girls and boys have a chance to hog all your time. I am very considerate.
I have been a very good girl this year. I am learning to sit up straight and I'm learning to eat my food when I'm supposed to. I try so hard to eat as much as I should, even though my parents still have to help me a lot. My occupational therapist says I'm ahead for my age except for my feeding issues, and he doesn't really have an explanation for those. I poop everyday, sometimes twice, and I try to take out an entire outfit and set of bedding every time. That's just common courtesy. I still sleep through the night, every night, even though my parents are always up. You should talk to them about that. I am very polite and snuggly, just like a good baby girl should be.
If you have time before Christmas, I would like to ask you for a stuffed dinosaur like the one my mom had when she was a good little girl. She had a combination between a stegosaurus and a triceratops- it was pastel yellow and pink and green flannel, and it had horns and scales and a long tail. I think Kipper would appreciate the company, as well. Plus, my new dinosaur pj's are just asking for a stuffed dinosaur.
Thank you very much, Santa Baby. You are very handsome.


PS. Kipper has been a very good boy, too.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

your mom goes to college

Ok, This is a little late, but my mom needs to see it, so here goes. This week was Lizzy's first week of college, and we got to move her in to her dorm! It was a pretty big deal, I'm not gonna lie. You have to be pretty cool to be asked to do something like that. Or live really close to campus or something.
Anyway, It was Olivia's first time going to college too, so we made sure to take lots of pictures of both of them. Here's Olivia all ready to go and waiting for mom to hurry up and put her in the car already. It seems like I'm always holding someone up these days.

Lizzy listening to her RA's orientation speech, ethernet cables, visiting hours, cannon center info, etc. It was about as fascinating as Lizzy's making it look, but she was a good girl and listened to the whole thing.
So did Olivia.

Moving her in was a little difficult since we had a clunky carseat/stroller combo, until we turned the stroller into a dolley and carried Olivia. We like to think outside the box, as college graduates.
Calling mom to say she's moved in.
Lizzy's floor theme is Seussville, this year. I'm enthusiastic about that. There's all these Seuss quotes on the walls, and of course I read each of them. I'm a sucker for quotes on walls. Charles got really frustrated with me when Olivia was in the NICU because I had to stop and read all the directions and updates and info and nonsense that was plastered on the walls. After I'd finally finished Timp's walls, we started all over at Primary's, and Charles got tired of having to steer me away to the elevators when I got sucked in by the walls. I am also a voracious shampoo bottle reader. Herbal Essences are the best reading, by the way.
Since Lizzy's gone to college, she's spent a total of three nights at our house. And hopefully she's spending the night Saturday, since our poker night is sure to last far into the morning, and I'm not driving her home, that's for sure. This week's theme is Ocean's Eleven poker. We're having sushi and mocktails and dressing up in our Brad Pittiest. And I am going to wipe the floor with them.

Olivia's happy place

So, Olivia seems to have caught a bug, and was very fussy last night. She kept spitting up after her feedings, and she had the sniffles and sneezes and an excess of boogers and snot. There's no polite way to say that. They were healthy and clear boogers and snot, but there was too much for me to be happy with. Bulb syringes (George, in our house. He's a regular member of the fam) are not my favorite, even though Olivia's fairly patient with me when I have to include George. Apologies in advance to my future nephew who will be named George. But my George was here first. Em, you're naming your kid after our bulb syringe.
Anyway, after Olivia went through her third pair of pj's last night, I decided to just leave her naked under her blanket, so I just diapered her and tucked her in the best I could so she couldn't grab her tube.
Outfit number 1.
Outfit number 2.
Ouftit number 3.

She finally fell asleep after she was swaddled with three different blankets, a hat, and a pacifier (sucker, in our house. It's a member of the fam, too) and even though she'd been kind of stressful for me all night, I had to capture the moment because it melted my heart.
For someone who's never had much patience with kids, I think I'm doing fairly well with Livie. I can't get enough time with her, even when she's being more difficult. I hate leaving her to go to work, and I love love love our feeding times, now that she's doing so well and seems to enjoy them, too. I guess it's a good thing that we get along so well, because Charles has a yucky case of walking pneumonia and isn't allowed to come near Olivia. Poor guy's been coughing and fighting so hard, and it's exhausting him. And he really misses his little girl, too. I hate being the mean one to say he can't sleep in the same room as us, but he understands. I just can't wait till he's better and we can all be a cuddly family again!