Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I hate seafood. Can anyone explain to me my sudden obsession with Cafe Rio shrimp tacos? Beuller?

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I'm it.

Six random things about me, courtesy of me.
1. Forks are my favorite. Spoons are not. But I do like wooden spoons for cooking. I hate those Chinese soup spoons that don't really fit in your mouth. I prefer a straw.
2. I LOVE the sound of my washer and dryer. Sometimes I have to move to the couch at night so I can hear them, and fall asleep.
3. I have cravings like thirteen pregnant women combined. It can get ugly. Tonight it was cream corn at 11:30 pm, and Charles was thanking his lucky stars that Walmart carries it. I've been known to crave sushi, duck a'l'orange (never had it), goose (he offered to shoot me one, and that almost killed the craving...almost.), lamb (not to be found in Utah County. I've checked.), mashed potatoes, toast, Cafe Rio, pumpkin pue, and lobster (I HATE seafood.)
4. I've resolved every year for the past, oh, decade, to give up Diet Coke. It just tastes so good, though. And it's diet, so sue me. I will be making resolutions worth keeping this year.
5. I have no will power. Self-control? What's that? I have to trick myself into getting up on time, because sleeping in is my second best friend. After Charles. But sometimes tied with him.
6. I have yet to go to bed today. Ok, I've actually tried twice, but it doesn't seem to be sticking. Tonight as I was snuggled between Charles and Wilson, Charles asked me if I liked being sandwiched between two boys. I said I was completely happy being an open-faced sandwich, but that this was better. I rethunk that when I had to sneak out of bed without waking either of them up. Ok, without waking Charles up. I got a few angry comments from Wilson, but he's just a baby and still learning his manners.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Remember that time

that I said I'd post pictures of our babies so you could all see them? Well, I lied, because they're all dead. And yes, they were goldfish. And yes, I know they're like, impossible to keep alive, but come on. We tried so hard. We sang them songs, and talked to them, and carried them from room to room with us so they wouldn't be lonely. Nobody has ever loved a fish so bad.
So, of course I'm trying to talk Charles into a more substantial pet, but I have yet to get him to agree to so much as a guinea pig. Snake yes, pig no. Where's the logic in that? We've already had scaley pets and they're dead. I think we shouldn't push our luck with them. So, what I really need all our readers to do is call Charles' phone tomorrow and push the baby dachshund idea. Preferably before the adoption event at Petsmart at 1 pm tomorrow. I'm counting on you, people. Help Charles see the light.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

It's that time of year again!

Job hunting time. The time of year when I am glued to the computer, and my phone is always in my hand or my lap, so I know when it vibrates. I've sent out roughly a trazillion applications, and so far I've had only one interview. Which seemed to go pretty well, but I haven't heard back from them, and tomorrow's the last day that I would expect to. So keep me in your prayers if you don't mind!
So since I've been looking at sooo many opportunities lately, I've come up with a list of priorities so I can narrow down the search a little. Here they are, for your reading entertainment.
1. the ability to work from home if I want, but not if I don't want.
2. the right to wear scrubs, whether I decide to work from home or not. Hot pink scrubs, to be exact.
3. a six figure salary. I'm being modest, but a little scrimping never hurt anyone.
4. a personal assistant who will talk to any mean people for me. S/he will be paid handsomely, of course, and will therefore become a valuable friend.
5. I want to be the boss, but I don't want to make the decisions.

I don't see why I'm having such a hard time finding a job, but at least it's teaching me a little humility.

In other news, Charles is back to school. And already he wants to pull his hair out. He'd pull out his professors' hair, but they're all bald. I'm so proud of him for working hard and pushing through.
Our new apartment is still making me giddy. When I lay in bed at night, waiting to fall asleep, and the AC suddenly kicks on to lull me into dreamland, I sometimes giggle. I'm already sleeping much better. Who knew air conditioning was the cure to insomnia? Well, air conditioning coupled with the "no-books-or-computers-or-unrestful-objects-or-stuff-in-the-bedroom rule." Works wonders.
I made a beautiful cake. Chocolate fudge with chocolate frosting. The filling is orange marmalade, and I candied some orange slices for decoration. It was so pretty, I've had a hard time eating it. But I will prevail.
My new car is my second best friend after Charles. Well, currently tied with Charles, to be precise. Her name is Ruby Eleanor, and she's a '92 Mazda 323. Red. We're currently looking into how to put ladybug spot on her without permanently disfiguring her. I think magnets are the way to go.
And last but far from least, Charles and I are very happy to announce that we are adding to our family of two. We're upgrading to a family of five, with three new babies. Their names are Reba, Oscar, and Simon, and there will be pictures to post soon. We're new to this parenting thing, so we're pretty tired and all. But I swear we'll post some forthwith! Feel free to stop by in the meantime and get to know them personally.
Thanks for stopping by! Stay classy, Provo/Orem area!