Monday, February 23, 2009

Look what I can do

Yeah, I've been sooooo naughty, and Ive avoided cameras for the past five months. Since I started looking pregnant, anyway, which I swear was at least a few years ago.Anyway, here are some belly pictures for those who can stomach them. He, he. Stomach the belly pictures. I crack myself up. As you can see from these pictures. I realized that when I button all the buttons that can still reach on my black sweater, I resemble a penguin. 
I think that this probably bodes well for our daughter, since penguins are terribly devoted parents. Don't believe me? Ask Morgan Freeman.

Monday, February 16, 2009

In case you thought we were up to no good

We've actually been very busy lately. Doing very important things, ok?
For one, our family handed down a whole bunch of baby stuff for Tiny Campbell. She now has a swing that can go front to back and side to side. And she has a cradle that was handmade for Charles before he was born. It can swing from side to side, too. I love it. It's bigger than I imagined it would be, too, so I think we'll be able to use it longer than we planned. They even gave us bedding and a mobile to go with it, along with a mobile and crib toy for the crib Tiny will eventually graduate into. 
Charles insisted on setting it all up right away, even though we haven't really cleared a spot in Tiny's room for it all yet. He's a little excited. I kinda like it. I can't believe how blessed we are to have all this stuff handed down to us. 
I finally tried out my sister-in-law's recipe for blueberry bread pudding the other day, because there were fresh blueberries for sale at Target, and it was more than I could resist. I think it turned out pretty, don't you? And more importantly, it was stinking delicious. It just may become a Christmas tradition in our house. 
And finally, to prove to you that we'e been very busy and haven't had any time at all to play, we have a video for your viewing entertainment.