Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Remember me?

In response to everyone's very kind emails and voicemails, yes. I am alive. Charles, Wilson, and Tiny are, too. I've just been on kind of a writer's block lately. And the longer I wait, the blockier my writing gets, so I'm just writing to give you all a calm assurance that you are not rid of me yet. Nor can you get rid of me so easily. You'll have to try much harder. 
A few headlines from our day to day existence here in Orem:
1. Charles leaves tomorrow morning for our niece's wedding in CA! I can't believe Charles has a niece that old, but we're both really happy for them, and I can't wait to see the pictures. I can't go because at this point in Tiny's life, travelling so far could become very stressful very fast. And I don't think I can take any time off of work since I'm taking a maternity leave so soon (yay!) so I'm content to stay home and make Willy love me more than he loves Charles. It'll take at least the whole week of Charles' absence to make that happen, though. Charles and Willy are a match made in Heaven. 
2. Tiny wants OUT! She reminds me everyday by sticking her toes between my ribs and break dancing on my bladder. To be honest, most of the time it just makes me laugh. I can already tell she's gonna be fun to hang out with. And that she doesn't have her daddy's tiny hobbit toes. Those toes mean business. They are not to be underestimated. 
3. Still craving pineapple and peaches. Don't get between me and my topical fruit, man. This elefantine woman will bowl you over.
4. It was so nice and sunny for a few days, and then we had a freaking blizzard today. It made me so grumpy that I honked at a reckless driver. I am so anti-honking because you can never tell who it's directed at, and while I'm the world's most cautious and law-abiding driver, I'm always convinced that they're honking at me. And it infuriates me because I don't do anything wrong. But the snow made me so grumpy that I honked HARD at a really reckless, non-blinker using, lane swerving and lane-inventing jerk. I still don't feel bad. He was a jerk. He obviously didn't care about the safety of me or Tiny, because he tried several times to run us into on-coming traffic. Honk if you hate bad drivers.
5. I'm still working at Orem Internal Medicine. Charles is still looking hard for employment, and it's kind of easy to see how the economy has taken a toll on our area. There are not very many jobs to be had. But there should be a migration of students leaving in a week or two, so hopefully they're leaving perfectly good jobs behind for people like us to scoop up. I have to admit it's been really good for our family to have so much time together, and I feel like this time has really been a blessing. We both felt pretty strongly about Charles taking the semester off, but it's becoming a little more stressful every time Tiny threatens to kick her way out of my innards. I'm very grateful for my job, needless to say. 
6. Wilson has taught himself to play fetch. He especially loves things he shouldn't play with, like my ponytail holders and his dad's earphones. But it's so cute that we just indulge him. I love when he runs up to us at six (yes, six) in the morning and drops something into my hand for me to throw. And I don't even wake up at six for Charles. So this is love.