Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I love you too

Yeah, I know. I've been a very naughty girl, and I should have updated weeks ago. But there's been so much to say that I'm a little overwhelmed! So I've decided to break it down into list form, just for now, and maybe I'll go back and explain things better later.
1. I am large with child. I dread what I'll look like in four months. And I don't know how much more my poor hips can take.
2. I am loving this pregnancy thing, hip pain and all. It's so worth it whenever I feel the baby move. I have an anterior placenta, which seems to absorb most of the movements, but every now and then I get lucky and get a little reminder that Tiny Campbell is thriving. So worth it.
3. Tiny Campbell is a GIRL!!! a thousand points to me for being right, although I'm not surprised. I'm always right.
4. I'm always right.
5. Santa Claus came late just for my family this year! The reason my family wouldn't tell me anything they got for Christmas was because they hadn't had Christmas yet. They saved it for Emile and Daniel and Charles and me, so we could all celebrate together. That was decided after reading Emile's heart-wrenching post on how homesick she was. I'm going to make her write that every year, because it was so awesome to have Christmas Eve with the whole family! Well, Emile and Daniel had to stay at a hotel because of cat allergies, but we still had the dinner and grab bag together, and the reading and stuff. It was stinking awesome. I love love love Christmas.
6. I love Christmas.
7. Emile's pregnant, too! She only three weeks behind me, due June 21. I'm due June 3. But she's having a boy, so my mom gets the best of both worlds with her first grandchildren. She's coming out to visit when the babies (babies- weird!!!) are born, so we'll each get some personal grandma time. (grandma- weird!)
8. I still love my apartment.
9. My Christmas tree isn't ready to be taken down yet. There are no immediate plans to take it down, either, so stop asking.
10. I cut my hair. I like it. I had to explain to Charles that while he dated and married a girl with long hair, I was never a long hair kind of girl. I'm a short hair girl who just happens to also be an extreme procrastinator.

Also, I've had tons of people ask me what we're naming Tiny Campbell now that we know she's a girl. Her name is Tiny, duh. Actually, we have lots of names that we love, but we want to meet her in person before we decide who she is. For now, though, some of our favorites are Norah, Olivia, Lily, Grace, Liesl, Laurelei, Ruby Eleanor, and Babette.
PS. One of those names is just a joke. Can you guess which one?